From humble beginnings …

In 2006, a non-profit corporation was formed to support the operation and mission of The Camphill School. Named after the creek that gives the School’s Children’s Village its name, the Beaver Run Foundation role is threefold:

  • To encourage and motivate the making of gifts and donations by deed, will, or otherwise, for the advancement, promotion, extension and maintenance of the various causes and objects fostered by The Camphill School, Inc.
  • Invest the money it raises to establish a fund to benefit the general purposes of The Camphill School, Inc.
  • Hold title to and manage property that is acquired by the corporation or donated for the benefit of Camphill Special School, Inc.

… To bold ambitions

The Beaver Run Foundation currently has assets of approximately $3 million and disbursed funds totaling $30,000 to The Camphill School in the last fiscal year. As the size of the Foundation’s assets increases it will play an ever larger role in:

  • ensuring that more of the children who need our school will have the funds to attend
  • continuing to deepen the skills and abilities of new generations of staff members
  • providing support to retired coworkers, enabling them to continue living on campus as valued members of the school community

Investment Philosophy

A small portion of the investment portfolio is dedicated to supporting organizations engaged in curative education and social therapy through carefully selected loans. Thus the Foundation is also able to invest in spreading the mission of The Camphill School through the growth of like-minded organizations, and to provide a financial return from this activity that benefits our own school community. This is truly socially responsible investment!