Legacy Society

Those who establish planned gift to benefit the Beaver Run Foundation will be welcomed into the Pietzner Legacy Society.

The Pietzner Society – named for school founders Carlo and Ursel Pietzner – are friends who are dedicated to the mission and vision of the School. Through gifts to the Foundation in their wills or estate plans, members ensure The Camphill School continues its remarkable work for future generations.

Pietzner Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (2)

Heidi Bowman

Toni Parisi Bowersox

Bill and Catherine Bucher

Angie Butler

Rachel Caldwell*

Shannon Chamberlin

David Chester

Courtney M Coffman

Luise Custer and Jules Tygiel*

John R. Fish, O.D.

Amy and Warren R. Gleicher

Stephen and Carol Goetz

Jody Weaver and Michael Guerrisi

Maggie Hegney

Bill and Betsy Herman

Jeremiah Rodgers Hill, ‘15

Noah Huether, ’19

Robert and Rosemary Huether

Christine M. Huston

Barbara James

Ronald and Joyce Landon

Mr. and Mrs. John B. McCardell III

Lainey Moseley

Debbie Nickles and Richard Strayer*

Lucile Reid

Robert Vollkommer

Tom and Marcy Rosendale

Lee Smith

Julianne Williams


*In memorium

Pietzner Legacy Society Chairs


Meet Bill and Betsy Herman

Bill and Betsy Herman brought their daughter Sarah Jane to The Camphill School in 1976, and have been staunch and generous supporters ever since. As chairs of the Society, they included The Camphill School in their estate plans.

Betsy shares this story that shows why she and Bill are members of the Pietzner Society:

While on a walk up the hill at Beaver Run, Ursel Pietzner mentioned to my husband that if we could no longer afford to pay tuition (then very modest), Sarah would nonetheless continue to be cared for and educated at Beaver Run. For us, that single experience opened up a lifetime of active Board membership in the School, the Camphill Foundation, and the Camphill Association, all dedicated to enabling and perpetuating the selfless attitude so simply and matter-of-factly stated by Ursel so many years ago.